Individual Desserts

Tartufo (130ml) or Pyramid(110 ml) - We will custom make any flavour combination.  Some of the most popular are:


Chocolate/Raspberry                 Amaretto                                Chocolate/Mocha                         Chocolate/Mango                          Pistachio/Peach                           White Chocolate/Blueberry

Vanilla/Strawberry                   Vanilla/Mango 



Fruit Glacee                                                                        Baked Alaska

A Lemon or an Orange Filled with Sorbet                    Swirled or Layered


Deep Fried (120 ml)                                                         Mini Cakes

Vanilla scoop covered in our secret coating                Single  Flavour

                                                                                                  Swirl or Layered


Fruit Wedges                                                                     Crepes

Lemons, Grapefruits, Oranges                                         Any Flavour Filling


Assorted Chocolate Products                                     Truffles 

Filled with assorted flavours                                            Any Flavour

                                                                                                  Rolled in Cocoa                                                                                                   or Coconut Flakes



Any Flavour, Small (2.0 oz), Medium (3.5 oz), Large (5.0 oz)




Specialty Products


Ice Cream Cake (6-9 portions)           Ice Cream Cake (16-20 portions)

6 Inch Square                                             8 Inch Round


Baked Alaska (12-15 portions)            Dessert Sauces

Available in a round or log format        Caramel, Chocolate, Raspberry


Croquembouche - Approximately 30 medium scoops of ice cream and sorbets on a carved ice pedestal