Metropolitan Ice Cream Inc. is a family owned Canadian company.  We make our ice creams and fresh fruit ices using only the freshest and finest ingredients.  Unlike some other manufacturers, we do not use artificial flavours or dairy substitutes to make any of our products.

There are virtually endless flavours of ice creams and ices to choose from, with new flavours always on the way.  In addition to the ice creams and ices, we also offer a wide variety of specialty desserts such as tartufo, truffles, crepes, cakes, bombes, and pre-portioned ice creams and ices.

The fresh fruit ices contain no cholesterol, fat or dairy, appealing to the health conscious consumer as well as the discriminating taste buds of all ages.  The intesity of the natural fruit flavours makes them suitable for serving as a palate cleanser between courses as well as for dessert.  All the ices, frozen yogurts, as well as our ice creams carry the COR symbol indicating that they are certified Kosher.

Over the years Metropolitan Ice Cream Inc. has "Set the Standard for Gourmet Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit Ices"  and we are always prepared to create just about any custom or signature flavour dessert to order!  We consider ourselves to be an extention of your pastry shop or kitchen.  We have been put to the test and have created such unique flavours as , Chocolate Chipotle Ice Cream, Mango Chili Sorbet, Creme Fresh Ice Cream, Cheddar Cheese Gelato and Rose Petal Sorbet.

Try our products today and experience ice creams and sorbets like you never have before.